THE "OG" 30L
THE "OG" 30L
THE "OG" 30L

THE "OG" 30L


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About The "OG" 30L par EZPOT

THIS IS the OFFICIAL OG ECO-PATENT "EZPOT Air Roots Pruning Container" ! All EZPOT are handcrafted with HEAVY DUTY ECO-FRIENDLY POLYMERS specialty designed for sustainability & moveable FRUIT TREES, SHRUB TREES, VEGGIES...for our URBAN JUICY&SWEET CROPS !

All ecofriendly patent EZPOTs containers allow for proper root training and air pruning with strategically placed ventilation holes and offer a unique container shape. They prevent roots spiraling and roots burrowing. Using these awesome pots will increase the overall health of a plant’s rootlets structure, allow for greater stability when transplanting and increase nutrient and water uptake. RESERVOIR 10L optional.

  • Healthy and fast growth of the roots
  • Very good drainage & oxygen exchange
  • Anti-spiralization roots action
  • Closer internodes on the trunk
  • Larger canopy branch growth
  • No stress from transplant
  • Solid side grips to move the pots anywhere

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100% Recycled HDPE Québec Plastic

Product dimensions

Diameter Ext: 45,00 cm

Diameter Int: 40,00 cm

Weight: 1,0 kg

Height: 30,00 cm

Liters: 30,00

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