After months of research and design, BIOVERTCITÉ has put together a home growing system that is perfect for any person that wants to grow plants & fruits trees in a ecodesign COMBO POT

We have combined the Indoor / Outdoor elegance gardening DARK GREY, COFFEE and WHITE GREY color ecodesign exclusive brand made in Belgium with ocean recycled plastic that gives you the durability of a solid resin, without a plastic cheep look, with an interior AIR PRUNING POT (Brevettato made in Italy with recycled plastic) which guarantee healthy root development and maximize aeration!


Due to the fact that the trees will never be root bound it also means that you will never have to re-pot your tree. It will naturally dwarf your fruit tree, help it grow faster and healthier and produce fruit quicker. Just add soil, water, sunlight, and fertilizer and watch your dwarfed tree thrive and give you delicious fruits in your own Space!